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1h 46m 23s to new Stonewood missions.

2h 40m 23s to new Plankerton, Canny Valley & Twine Peaks missions.


Retrieve the Data 5 Cozy Campfire (Rare)

Ride the Lightning 9 Survivor XP (x550)

Retrieve the Data 19 Transform Key: Sniper Rifle (Epic)


Ride the Lightning 19 Survivor (Rare)

Retrieve the Data 23 RE-PERK! (x40)

Repair the Shelter 28 Lightning in a Bottle (x5)

Repair the Shelter 34 Schematic: Military Spear (Rare)

Ride the Lightning 40 Hero XP (x2420)

Evacuate the Shelter 40 Lightning in a Bottle (x5)


Category 3 Storm 52 PERK-UP! (Rare) (x72)

Repair the Shelter 64 RE-PERK! (x85)

Deliver the Bomb 64 Transform Key: Shotgun (Legendary)

Repair the Shelter 64 Transform Key: Sniper Rifle (Epic)

Repair the Shelter 70 Lightning in a Bottle (x18)

Ride the Lightning 70 Transform Key: Shotgun (Epic)

Storm King 70 PERK-UP! (Epic) (x76)


Ride the Lightning 76 Schematic: Wrench (Rare)

Category 3 Storm 82 Mini Reward Llama (x2)

Ride the Lightning 82 RE-PERK! (x100)

Evacuate the Shelter 94 Mini Reward Llama (x2)

Repair the Shelter 94 Transform Key: Sniper Rifle (Legendary)

Repair the Shelter 100 Transform Key: Sniper Rifle (Epic)

Timed Missions

Fortnite features Timed Missions which grant bonus rewards like evolution materials, experience, schematics, heroes, defenders, survivors, perk resources, Transform Keys or V-Bucks. Each Timed Mission’s bonus reward can be claimed once on completion. Timed Missions are marked on the map with a clock sign and the missions rotate every 6 hours. There are a few types of Timed Missions but only Mini-Boss missions can reward V-Bucks and Legendary Transform Keys. Mini-Boss missions are also known as Mini-Boss Mission Alerts or just Mission Alerts. You can view the current Mini-Boss Mission Alerts in Fortnite above!

V-Bucks as a Mini-Boss mission reward is pretty common and not possible as regular mission rewards. The rewards are 25-40 V-Bucks on a single mission and the missions change every six hours. It is important to note that there is a cap which limits your Mini-Boss mission bonus rewards to 3 daily (10 during certain events). Completing and claiming rewards from more than three Mini-Boss missions a day will not grant you the bonus reward. It is advised to keep your cap one off for possible V-Buck rewarded Mini-Boss missions. Other types of Timed Missions like Storm missions have a daily cap of 10 but can only reward evolution materials as the bonus reward. Elemental Storm missions reward elemental perk resources for their respective elements and cap at 2 per each element. Events have also featured their own types of Timed Missions.

Looking for other mission types? View all current missions tracking page for the new Mega Alert group, Storm and Beta Storm missions!

V-Bucks as Mini-boss timed missions reward

Only Mini-Boss missions may reward V-Bucks and you may claim maximum of 3 Mini-Boss mission timed rewards each day!

Unlocking new areas and Timed Missions in Fortnite

Progressing on your main questline will eventually unlock new areas with more missions to play. Each Storm Shield Defense on your questline will reveal more mission spots on that area. You begin the game from Stonewood and need to complete the questline of 34 quests to unlock Plankerton. You will gain access to Canny Valley after completing Plankerton questline. The final area you unlock is Twine Peaks. Each area is significantly harder than the last one and more quests are needed for the next area. High V-Buck rewards are more often found from harder areas. In addition to the new mission spots, you will also unlock different types of missions, materials and daily quests as you progress.

Timed Missions tracking rewards legendaries

Mini-Boss mission rewards include evolution materials, experience, schematics, heroes, perk resources, Transform Keys and V-Bucks.

On top of the page you can see the current Mini-Boss Mission Alerts including the rewards without launching the game. No matter where the V-Buck reward mission is, there will be a lot of people completing it for the free V-Bucks. If you can’t see the bonus reward on a Mini-Boss Mission Alerts, you have either completed it once already or claimed 3 bonus rewards in the last 24 hours. Fortnite mission tracking provided by Storm Shield One, visit them for more information, Save the World and Battle Royale stats and more!

History of Mission Alerts

The amount of Mission Alerts available past Stonewood was doubled to six and Mini-Bosses were added to all of them in patch v2.3 and so the name changed to Mini-Boss Mission Alerts. Patch v3.4 refocused Mini-Boss Mission Alerts towards Transform Keys and high-rarity items and removed crafting ingredients from the reward list. These changes seem to raise the V-Bucks mission reward amount from 15-30 to 25-40 V-Bucks. After patch v3.5 Mini-Boss Mission Alerts can no longer be selected in Stonewood and Plankerton if you have not unlocked the mission the alert is attached to but can still access it with a higher-level party. Blockbuster event (v4.0) more than doubled the amount of missions and the reward cap for the duration of the event. Perk resources were added to the reward pool in patch v4.2. All major patches have affected the Timed Mission rotation schedule.

Free the V-Bucks

Free the V-Bucks