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All weekly challenges in Fortnite Season X

All Season X weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale are found on this page, starting from the latest. View all free and Battle Pass weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale Season X! There are total of three free and four Battle Pass challenges each week, in addition to the loading screen challenge. Battle Pass owners unlock cosmetics like skins (also known as outfits), pickaxes, gliders, emotes, backblings, loading screens, toys, music, pets and wraps while playing, in addition to the four extra challenges.

Completing the weekly challenges is the key to leveling up your Season’s tier which unlocks the cosmetics. You can earn up to 5 tiers (50 Battle Stars) each week just by doing the challenges! You will unlock challenge loading screen after completing all weekly challenges of any week up to 7 and the loading screen has a battle star hidden in it. You can search the hidden star after you have unlocked the loading screen to gain additional tier increasing the total tiers earned to 6.

There are also Outfit style challenges which unlock once you have the Battle Pass. Outfit challenges add cosmetic pieces or unlock new styles for the outfit. You can continue earning the experience after the season, this also applies to the Tier 100 Ultima Knight outfit!

Week 10 Challenges

Season 10 week 10 challenges

Week 9 Challenges

Season 10 week 9 challenges

Week 8 Challenges

Season 10 week 8 challenges

Week 7 Challenges

Season 10 week 7 challenges

Week 6 Challenges

Season 10 week 6 challenges

Week 5 Challenges

Season 10 week 5 challenges

Week 4 Challenges

Season 10 week 4 challenges

Week 3 Challenges

Season 10 week 3 challenges

Week 2 Challenges

Season 10 week 2 challenges

Week 1 Challenges

Season 10 week 1 challenges

Weekly Battle Pass Challenge images by Squatingdog, find him on Twitter and Instagram!

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